Friday, 21 September 2012

Skyrim Theme Update 1.0

Skyrim PC Theme Update 1.0 NOW AVAILABLE!


Custom Windows Start Orb created by DanteJinx
A Skyrim Inspired Rainmeter Skin by Axerron
Modified to Auto-Hide by DanteJinx
Skyrim Sovngarde Screensaver Created by Chekole & DanteJinx

Download Here:


Please leave a comment to say thanks! 

And feel free to contact me about any errors/feedback. 


Anonymous said...

This theme is great, I only have two issues. The Sleep button on the Launcher puts the pc on hibernation. Also, the Sovngarde Screensaver is not working, it shows the game logo flickering on the Skyrim Enviroment wallpaper.
Again, beautiful theme, thank you.

Game Art Jinx said...

Thanks for the Feedback. To Fix the sleep issue:

1) Open skyrim_launcher.ini (you can do this easily by right clicking the menu and clicking "Edit Skin").

This should open Notepad (or ask you which program you want to open it with, choose notepad)

2) Find the line "LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute [rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0]"

Change the "SetSuspendState 0,1,0" to "SetSuspendState 0,0,0", save, close and refresh the skin/menu.

As for the Screensaver, I am unsure what could be causing that, do you have the latest version of flash player installed? I will test it on another computer to see if there are any issues here.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Sleep does not work. As for flash, I do have the latest "other browser" version, your previous screensaver works fine.

Unknown said...

How to use the update? Do you need to have the "old" version of the theme?

Anonymous said...

Hi so I installed all the functions of the skin worked great for the time being. After shutting down the computer and starting it up again it would not connect to the boot screen I am guessing its because I changed it. Do you have any fix on reseting the boot screen? Or would i have to do a windows repair?

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