Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Skyrim PC Theme

Sooo... being a fan of Skyrim (Modded & Better looking Version only) I decided to create a complete Skyrim Win7 theme and UI hashing together existing customisations and creating my own.

EDIT: I have also created a custom Skyrim Screensaver to go with the Package:

All Imagery and Sound copyright © Bethesda


Custom Windows Start Orb created by DanteJinx
A Skyrim Inspired Rainmeter Skin by Axerron
Modified to Auto-Hide by DanteJinx
Skyrim Sovngarde Screensaver Created by Chekole & DanteJinx

All content for theme package customised and/or created by DanteJinx (Me)
Custom Desktop Icons Provided from Skyrim Windows Theme by Vikitech
including system sounds and wallpaper art content from Bethesda's Skyrim Website
Skyrim  Login Screen using yvidhiatama's Win7 Login Loader
Skyrim  Boot and Resume Screen using braddy's Win 7 Boot Customiser, Bethesda Artwork and
Custom animated Skyrim Logo created by DanteJinx
Skyrim Windows Cursors by Sirea
Custom Skin and Icon Set for RocketDock by DanteJinx
Custom Skyrim System Font (Daedric Alphabet) by DanteJinx
Trajan Pro Font by Carol Twombly
Windows 7 Start Orb Changer v5 by Trishan Bagaria
Custom Skyrim Logo Orb created by DanteJinx
Skyrim Screensaver by DanteJinx
Created using InstantStorm Screensaver Maker


Please donate anything you feel worthy!

You can download the Complete Package Here: 
Please leave a comment to say thanks! And feel free to contact me about any errors/feedback. 

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